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Well, time’s up.  Today is my last day of winter holidays before I go back to Truman, and the feeling is bitter-sweet.  The work load for the next semester is looming over my head, chock full of psychology (two classes), health (also two classes), physics, and German.  I’ve taken a look at the syllabuses already out, and they’re intense.  Looks like I got off easy last semester.  Go figure.

But, I won’t deny that I’m a little excited to get back.  For starters, I like the food there.  My family isn’t that vegetarian friendly in terms of what we have around the house, so I’ve been living off humus, bread, crackers, cheese, soy milk, and tomatoes for the past week.  Granted, I like all of those, but it will be nice to get back to lots of vegetables.  I’m pumped for the food.

And then, I’m also very happy to get to see my house again.  It will feel weird without Aaron there, but I suppose it will force me to actually make more friends.  Luckily, my other friends will still be there, and some of us may or may not go out to dinner on Sunday night since the cafeteria will not be open.

Driving back should be okay.  I’m going back up with Noah around nine in the morning or so.  That way, we avoid traffic and have plenty of time to unpack and relax before classes start.  The only thing that he won’t like about driving back is that we will be listening to my CDs and not his music (AKA: Lady Gaga).  The Zunes and iPods have no place in the truck since its stereo gets all messed up from the cassette used to hook up the MP3 players.

That brings us to what we will be listening to.  I’m thinking a healthy dose of Regina Spektor, Flobots, Florence + the Machines, The Strokes, and Enya. Okay, I may replace Enya with something else.  Maybe some Jack Johnson or Vampire Weekend.  But, all in all, I’m calling it a day for my music.  Relaxed and groovin’.  And absolutely no Lady Gaga.  It’s not that I have something against her, it’s just that she’s the only thing my friends listen to, and I’m a bit sick of it.  I swear, if I hear ‘Rah-Rah-Ah-Ah-Ah’ again…

Anyway, since I’m the queen of making lists and then ignoring them, I’ll make a list of everything that needs to get done today before I can leave tomorrow morning:

  • Make some CD playlists.
  • Actually unpack my suitcase so that I can repack.
  • Do laundry.
  • Help my sister pick out her wedding dress.
  • Finish my purse that I sewed up over break.
  • Actually pack everything hanging out in my room.
  • Gather my physics and German notes from high school.  I think they’ll come in handy next semester.
  • Sew up my skirt whose hem came out (sad day).

If you’re reading this, I hope that you too had a wonderful winter holiday and that work or school isn’t too dreadful.  Good luck in your studies if you are attending university, and good luck with this cold.  I realise that, should you be in Missouri like me, three degrees is a lot to put up with.  Especially with the wind.

PS: Florence + The Machine Review:

Completely awesome band that I discovered over break.  Florence Welch has a strong voice perfectly suited for her style of indie rock mixed with bits of soul and baroque pop.  It’s good to groove to or just to sit around and listen while reading.  If you listen to one of her songs, I recommend checking out Rabbit Heart, Drumming Song, or You’ve Got the Love.  Lucky for you, those are her singles whose videos you can watch on Youtube.

I made a lovely playlist on my iTunes with her, though.  It’s Florence + The Machine, Lily Allen, Marie Antoinette Soundtrack, Beirut, Emiliana Torrini, and Jack Johnson.  Sounds great to me, though a little schizophrenic.

Well, this is my musical gift to you, I suppose.  Enjoy, should you chose to listen.

(Side note: This band is not for everyone.  If you like indie rock, I think you’ll enjoy it.  If you don’t, well…)


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