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And, as a warning, there may or may not be a part 3, which shall be determined by my mood over the next day or two.

University has arrived at full force, and I’ve already begun to feel exactly where I should be.  In a way, it’s as though I’ve picked up right where I left off–as though the winter holidays and three weeks of isolation didn’t even happen.  For the most part, it’s a good thing; I truly enjoy being with my dorm house, walking around campus, and learning.  But it makes me wonder still if I blew off the break too quickly.  I’m not sure how to explain that, so take it as you will.

I already have a decent amount of homework: a full chapter of Sensation and Perception to have read by tomorrow.  Fun stuff.  Luckily, the book seems pretty readable, and psychology is always interesting (after all, it’s kind of my major).  So, I’ll spend all of my spare time reading today.  Hopefully I can tackle it in two or three hours.  Though, knowing me with psychology, it will take longer.  I devour all knowledge on the subject and go over it again and again until I know that I really have it learned.  It’s why I wrote about 100 pages of notes last semester over my 600 page book.  Intense, I realise.

Here’s a general lay-out of my classes this semester, though:

  • Sensation and Perception–a high level psych class that will most likely kill me.
  • Experimental Psychology–a low level psych class that will also most likely kill me while not being as interesting as Sens/Perc.
  • Physics–a low level physics class with a sarcastic teacher.  Should be easy and fun.
  • German–elementary II class.  I’m a little worried about it and will need to work on my pronunciation a lot.  Luckily, the teacher is (how did Katie and I put it?) adorably awkward.  My room mate has the same teacher and agreed on the description.
  • Spirituality–it’s part of my health requirement, and I’m hoping that it will be my favourite class.  Seems relaxing or at least easy.

Today, I only have an hour of Spirituality and an hour and a half of Exp. Psych.  Tuesdays are amazing.  Thursdays are nearly as amazing except for a two hour physics lab in the early hours of the morning.  But I’m a morning person, so that shouldn’t be bad at all for me.  After all, my first class today is at noon, and I was up at six thirty.  Welcome to my life.


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