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I have a goal for you:  The next time you want to put yourself down, don’t.  The next time you wear something a little different and worry about what others will think when you walk down the sidewalk, don’t.  The next time you beat yourself up over an infraction that no one else even noticed, don’t.

Don’t apologise for who you are.  Don’t apologise for being different.  Don’t apologise for mistakes.

The key to living happily in your own body is to forgive yourself.  You made a bad first impression in class?  Forgive yourself.  You said something stupid to a stranger thinking it was someone else?  Forgive yourself.  You wore an outfit that was a little too in fashion and saw someone staring?  Forgive yourself.

If you force yourself to forgive for mistakes and don’t apologise to others for who you are, you will find that things move much more easily.  After all, it’s your life, and I would hope that you’d live it as you please.


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