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You know what’s ridiculous?  The seven and a half inches of snow that has fallen in the past twenty-four hours.  Add that to the already nine inches of snow, and we’re talking about the most snow on the ground that I have ever seen in my life.  Okay, maybe not in my life; after all, I did go skiing in Colorado once.  But the most I’ve ever seen in my life in Missouri.  Absolutely ridiculous.

So, the blizzard moved in yesterday evening after a rather warm day (right at freezing is warm, don’t mock me), and being the marvellous person that I am, I developed a bladder infection over night so that I was forced to go to Walmart at two o’clock in the morning.  The roads were fine.  Sure, a little snowy, but it had only dumped two inches at that point, so it wasn’t too bad walking the three blocks to my car and driving around.  I got to Walmart in fine condition and started the epic search for meds.  Well, after wandering the pharmacy section for about ten minutes, I finally found what I needed and went to the check outs, which were sketch as fuck.  Seriously, there were all of ten shoppers at Walmart at two in the morning, and they were regulars.  I knew this when I was line and the checker said, “Hey there Todd, have your usual?”  You’re kidding me, right?  Usuals at two?  Proof that I’m in a small town.

So, I managed the snow and drove back to the dorms, taking my pills and sitting around all antsy like for them to kick in.  I started reading Lord of the Rings until three then internetted around in the lounge, amazing all those who were up (and why were they?) that I was actually awake.  And, after reading some web comics (which you should check out: Head Trip Comics), I finally felt well enough to go to bed around four in the morning.  And I slept until noon.  What a night, eh?

This morning, or afternoon, rather, I called my mum to ask for the doctor exchange since it was a Sunday and called to report my infection and get antibiotics.  They were on top of things, and within twenty minutes, my meds were being called into Walmart.

Well, to give the pharmacy time to get their shit together, I didn’t leave until around four in the afternoon.  Well, the snow was much worse by then.  Walking the three blocks took just about forever, and the snow that was falling was the kind that is cold and wet (remarkable description, I know).  It was the kind that, upon hitting any part of you, immediately melted.  So, by the time that I had gotten to my trunk, my scarf was an extra pound heavier with water, and my hair was completely sopping.  My shins were hurting from the walking, too.  With so much snow on the streets, you had to walk on top of the tracks from cars that had recently driven by.  Otherwise, you’d slip and probably fall.  And since this all would occur in the middle of the street (because who could actually find the side walks?), that would spell bad news.

Once I reached my truck, I threw my bag and scarf into the back and started clearing off the several inches of snow, avoiding the foot or more deep drifts all around the truck–which were actually not drifts and just the actual amount of snow that had fallen.  And, after much snow removal, I was on my slow way to Walmart, where I enjoyed watching others fishtail and go fifteen miles per hour down the highway.  These are times when I am so thankful to have a truck.

Well, my meds were ready for pickup, and I got some ramen and apple sauce for dinner since the cafeteria doesn’t serve anything on Sunday evenings (it encourages the houses to eat a meal together that they make, which is enjoyable).  Then, I drove back, walked in the snow, and got to my dorm room dripping and ready for dinner.

I measured the snow around six, to find that an area showing grass yesterday morning was now seven and a half inches buried.  For those of you more familiar with metric, that would be 19 centimetres in one day.  Which all adds up to 16 inches or 42 centimetres total snowfall over the past week that is now hanging out on the ground.  Wow.  That’s all I can say.

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