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There are few days when I don’t look back on my trip to Germany in 2008 with Sister Cities and think, “Where did that time go?”  It was, in all honesty, one of the greatest adventures of my life.  Three weeks in a completely foreign country with a language I barely knew how to speak and so many wonderful people.  New things to try.  New foods to eat.  Everything new and yet so shockingly old.  A seven hundred year-old home that was still being lived in or a thousand year old church.  I’m still completely enchanted by it all, and I probably never won’t be.

I’ll be going on another adventure roughly four and a half months from now when I head to Chicago and then Denver by taking the train and staying in a hostel before making it out to my sister’s wedding.  I’m excited, I really am.  But there’s this little part of me that keeps saying: you are trying to relive Germany, and you will fail.

It’s something that I don’t want to accept, but the more that I think about it, it may be true.  I spend so much time thinking about those good times and how I’d love to live through them again, and sometimes I think I plan my life around that.  Trying to explore and adventure to new places again and again.  But it is not sustainable.  After a while, you have to move into other aspects of your life and leave adventures behind.  I suppose that many people call this growing up or maturing, but I just find it disheartening.  Why give up your dreams of adventures?  Why not try to relive them or make new memories?

But, because I search so desperately for them, I think that they become doomed from the get go to not live up to my expectations.  It’s similar to how I hated Girls State because I had gone to Missouri Scholars Academy the year before and was just comparing it to something so much greater.  Chicago/Denver cannot be another Germany, but I need to accept that it can be its own separate adventure.  It can be something new.  It can be something wonderful.  And I just need to keep an open mind and throw away that idea that you must ‘mature’ to no longer having fun.

If that’s what maturing is, then I will have no part in it.


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I’ve fallen head over heals for two things in the past two days: campus adventuring and Vampire Weekend.  And, as though planned, they go quite nicely together.

Some of us from 1North went adventuring and exploring through campus in order to take photos for a picture competition amongst our house.  We went through nearly every building, found steps that went to nowhere, dark hallways, and scary places that we will most definitely not visit again on campus.  But it was an amazing time, and now I know of some great hidden locations where I can study and never be disturbed.

I even rediscovered the hidden bathrooms in Ophelia Perish.  I swear, there are these bathrooms that no one knows about that are spacious and clean and friendly.  Every time I go in there, I feel like I’m about to go to the Chamber of Secrets, and I’ll dance around in the large spaces.

Well, turns out that there are lots of places like that on campus, and they’re much nicer than a bathroom.  So, I may go exploring some more later since it’s just so much fun.

Plus, next time I need to go study a ton (like today with psychology), maybe I can go there.

Meanwhile, I’ve started listening to Vampire Weekend and ended up creating a Pandora.com radio station for it today.  If you haven’t listened to them, I highly recommend that you do; they’re that friendly college rock sound that just makes you kind of happy.  Nothing too deep, nothing you really have to analyse.  But it’s nice anyway.

And if you haven’t tried http://www.pandora.com before, I also highly recommend using this service.  If you live in the States, it’s a free radio service where you can create your own stations.  Enter in an artist or song, and you can start making it custom and wonderful.  Honestly, it will get hold of your tastes so quickly and mould the best station you’ve ever listened to.  I’ve had an account for about four years, and it’s a cold day in July when I hear a song I dislike since you can control the exact feel of the music for each station.  Some of my stations include: Muse, Vampire Weekend, classical, Instrumental New Wave, Progressive Rock, Female Alternative Rock, Imogen Heap/Regina Spektor, Nickel Creek/Iron & Wine, Beirut Radio, and Indie/Interesting Rock.

SIRIUSLY, they’re great stations.

Anyway, not much else has been going on in my life aside from much adventuring, house film parties, and studying psychology (which is really what I should be doing).  Maybe some time I’ll write something more philosophical in here; unfortunately I’m just rather lazy at the moment.

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