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While Egypt is in the midst of their own revolution, there is a question that I want to ask the rest of the world, especially my country (the US).  As an American, what is our responsibility or part in these revolutions?  I’m not asking whether we are responsible for getting a government together for Egypt that is just (like we tried to do in Iraq), but I am asking what, as a single person, should be my task as these protests go under way.  How do we show our support in a completely peaceful manner?

Larger cities have had their own protests in support of the Egyptian people.  Some people have donned Keffiyehs.  Many of us have sat around in the lounge, watching the news rather than silly films and have been discussing what has happened at dinner tables.  But, at the end of the day, how do we show our support and our own responsibility?

This is my question for you.  What is your responsibility in the Egyptian protests for a new government and the ousting of Mubarak?  How will you show your support?  Will you show your support?  In fact, do you even support the protests?  This is what I want to know.


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