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Ah, glorious rain; it’s nice to hear it fall on the pavement beside my open window.  It’s surprising just how much it can lift one’s mood.  For instance, today I can wear my new rain boots, and they’re super cute–which works as a nice mood booster when you get compliments throughout the day on them.  Then, there’s just that relaxing feeling you get when you can walk all alone in the rain.  You get to hear the splashes of your shoes, plops of the rain drops, and claps of angry thunder far off in the distance.  Even before the rain has come, there’s a neat sensation.  Stillness.  Complete stillness, like a strange semi-death.  It’s the calm before the storm, but the last feeling you get is of calm–it’s much more exciting than that.  And then, when the rain finally falls, you can just breathe in the mist and taste the earth in the air.  Nothing beats the feeling.  Nothing.

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I feel pretty ahead today, even though it’s clear that I am not.  It’s probably more that I’m not rushing to get reading done before classes.  Another fifteen minutes of reading and taking notes from my speech book, and I’m relatively finished with everything that must be read for a class today.  But, tonight I’ll scramble to get my psych reading done before tomorrow morning, and I’ll inevitably accept that I won’t have it finished until Wednesday night.  So, there you go.

I have an art group that I have to go to in about forty minutes that I’m not looking forward to.  Our art teacher is pretty much insane, and we see no point in the project that we’ve been assigned.  It’s not like we’re learning anything from it.  In fact, we haven’t learned anything from the class in general.  Our last test literally concerned learning ten artists, memorising the years they were alive, their style, and their nationality.  Sure, now I know that Albrecht Dürer lived in Germany during the fifteenth century (or something like that), but how does that help me with art?  How about we study his paintings and sketches, learn what makes them unique and a tribute to art.  Let’s not just memorise facts for a couple days so that we can release them from our sponge-like brains later on.  Who ever thought that this style of learning was effective should be shot, or at least made to take a semester of their own class.

I don’t know how this just turned into a rant, especially since my original plan was to talk about how it rained today and that made me happy.  I like rain; it’s refreshing to the soul and mind and body.  It keeps the river of life moving.  Not to mention that it’s been far too long since Kirksville last saw any precipitation that was not just fog lingering over the campus.

So, today’s going to be all right.  And if it isn’t, stuff it.  I’ll make it all right.

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